Add a bit of spice and flavoured heat to your pizza with FRESH CHILLIES.
They are packed full of flavour with a hit of heat that transforms the taste to another level.
Chillies are not only great to add taste and heat but have fantastic health benefits
The Health benefits of eating chillies are well documented but surprisingly little known, despite the many numerous and profound ways in which they are known to aid, relieve and prevent many conditions.
The main component in chillies is a chemical called Capsaicin, which is responsible for the intense heat felt.

But what else does Capsaicin do? Here are a few positive effects to eating chillies.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
Eating chillies can have a very positive impact on people that are overweight or suffer from diabetes, say a team of researchers at The University of Tasmania, whose research was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in July 2006.
The study carried out yielded that the normal eating of chillies can help significantly control insulin levels after eating a meal.

Improve Heart Health, Boost Circulation, Thins Blood and Helps Protect Against Strokes
Often overlooked as circulation boosters, chillies can have a dramatic impact on your health by helping to boost circulation and also act as a thinner to help protect against strokes. Eating food with chillies every day is all you need to do to enjoy the multiple and important health benefits they have to offer.

Provides Pain Relief & Reduces Inflammation
Capsaicin has also been found to provide effective pain relief without the numbing effect usually associated with anaesthetics, and the inability in some cases, to operate machinery, along with the usual sedative effects some Painkillers cause.

Helps Clear Congestion
No doubt you would have noticed the almost immediate relief of congestion, after eating a good hot curry if you have a cold.
Chillies are great at quickly and effectively opening your nasal passages, allowing you to breathe more easily, although this is probably a side effect of preparing you for the panting following a particularly hot one!

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