Q:    Where do I find your shop?

A:    For The Salad Pizza @ Currambine Central, we are located along the food walk on the outside of the Currambine Central shopping centre just up from Subway near the Marmion Ave facing entrance to the centre.

For The Salad Pizza @ Ocean Keys (Clarkson), we are located in the food court of Ocean Keys Shopping Centre (Clarkson).

Q:   What are your trading times?

A:   The Salad Pizza @ Currambine Central, we are opened daily as per follows: –


Monday 8am–9pm
Tuesday 8am–9pm
Wednesday 8am–9pm
Thursday 8am–9pm
Friday 8am–10pm
Saturday 8am–10pm
Sunday 8am–9pm


The Salad Pizza @ Ocean Keys (Clarkson), we are opened daily as per follows: –


Monday 8am–5pm
Tuesday 8am–5pm
Wednesday 8am–5pm
Thursday 8am–6.30pm
Friday 8am–5pm
Saturday 8am–5pm
Sunday 9am–4pm


Q:    What should I do if I am having trouble ordering online?

A:    If you are having trouble placing an order or you do not receive a confirmation of the order please contact the store by phone.  There may be internet connection problems or some other reason out of our control affecting the online system.  Our friendly staffs can check to see if the order has come through to the store and if needed, we can manually place an order for you.

Q:    I placed an online order and an error message came up, or I didn’t receive a confirmation of the payment.  What do I do?

A:    Call us and we can see if the order has been processed and received by us. If it hasn’t, we can create a manual order for you.

Q:    I don’t have a credit card so can I order online and pay when it is picked up or delivered?

A:    The online ordering system requires payment by Credit Card or PayPal at the time of ordering.  If you do not have either of these options then you will need to phone your order in.

Q:     I am trying to place an online delivery order but it does not show my suburb for delivery.    How can I get my order delivered?

A:     If your suburb does not show for delivery, unfortunately it means we are unable to provide a delivery service as it is outside of our delivery zones. The delivery zones are in place to ensure your order arrives hot and fresh

Q:    What are you delivery zones and can I pay extra to get delivery to a suburb not shown?

A:     Delivery is available to Currambine, Burns Beach, Connolly, Iluka, Kinross, Joondalup, Heathridge, Ocean Reef, Mullaloo, Clarkson, Mindarie, Carramar and Tapping .   As much as we appreciate delivery request from outside of our delivery zones, we do not accept extra payments to deliver outside of these areas.

Q:     Is there a minimum order for delivery?

A:    To have orders delivered, a $25 minimum order is required  (plus delivery charge)

Q:     Why charge delivery fee?

A:    We charge a low delivery fee and you just need to meet the minimum delivery order amount of $25.00 excluding the delivery fee. This delivery fee covers the basic cost of bringing hot and delicious pizzas & salads to you.

Q:     How can I pay for my delivery?

A:     Payment options for delivery are Cash or CREDIT CARD (Mastercard or Visa only) over the phone at time of order. You can also request our driver to bring along portable EFTPOS machine so that you can pay conveniently.  First time delivery orders are required to pay by CREDIT CARD at time of order.
If paying by cash, please advise if you require change from $100 as drivers only carry a minimal cash.

Q:    Do you keep Credit Card details on file?

A:     No.  For privacy and security reasons, we do not save or keep credit card details once the order has been processed

Q:    If I can’t see a pizza to my liking can I get one made up to my taste?

A:   In the unlikely case that any of our menu pizzas and salads don’t tantalise your taste buds, then we can certainly make one to your requirements. Prices are based on a set amount of toppings and ingredients ordered. Sorry we don’t do half and half on make your own pizzas, but we can do for your salads 😊

Q:    Can I get half and half pizzas?

A:    We can do half and half pizzas but these are restricted to Large and Family sizes on the “Favourites, Classics and Premiums” ranges on a single base sauce. Pricing is charged at the highest cost half with a $1 surcharge. Half & Half is not available on Small size, make your own or “Gourmet” variants.

Q:     Do you have Gluten Free Pizza bases?

A:     Yes we have Gluten Free Pizza Bases. They are only available in a 12” Large size at a cost of $4.50 (our cost) plus the pizza price. We use specific pans to cook Gluten Free pizzas and all lifting and cutting blades are cleaned prior to use to reduce possible flour containments, but we are not a totally free flour environment establishment. We have a list of products / ingredients that contain gluten so please check prior to ordering.

Q:      What sizes are your pizzas and what thickness do they come in?

A:      We have 3 sizes      –    Single   10”   6 slices,  Large 13”   8 slices,           Family 15”    10 slices           Gluten Free bases are 12”   8 slices
All our bases are made THIN

Q:     What do I do if I am not happy with your product?

A:      We are proud of the products we produce but we are also aware that at times things do not always go as they should.   If we have not met your expectations, please contact us immediately so that we can have a chance to rectify it for you

Q:      Where can I place a compliment of your business?

A:      We love to get compliments.   There are a number of review sites online such as Facebook, Google, Zomato, Trip Advisor and W.O.M.O.  All will give you the forum to place a review.  WOMO (Word of Mouth Online) not only allows you to place a review but is also a great site to see all other types of businesses as well.


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