A new addition to our range of tasty and innovative pizzas is the VEGAN PIZZA

Formulated on the requirements to meet the demands of non-meat / animal / non-dairy products
we have developed a tasty range of pizzas using dairy/lactose/gluten free NOTZARELLA cheese and a
dairy/egg free bases

Toppings are Vegetarian style with some unique offerings such as Hummus as a base sauce,
Cinnamon infused Sweet Potato, shredded Kale, Vegan Tofu, Jackfruit (a shredded pork like taste
and effect), an Asian style slaw and a spicy Asian dressing to name just a few

Each of the pizzas in the Vegan range has a unique sauce varying from tradition tomato pizza sauce,
smokey BBQ, Garlic infused Olive Oil and Hummus giving each pizza variant its’ own unique taste
offer not found elsewhere

Great care is taken to eliminate the chance of cross contamination from animal products (meats and
dairy). Fresh gloves are used for Vegan pizza making, cheese is in separate sealed bags and cooked
pizzas are cut with blades specifically set aside for Vegan pizzas only


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